vBookie Event: UMBS's Walk-Run Time in 2014 San Francisco Marathon (High $takes) (FSU Fun)
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3 hours to 3 hours, 20 minutes 5/1 F (6.00) 3 1075
More than 3 hours, 20 minutes 8/1 (9.00) 1 50

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    FSU Fun - UMBS's Walk-Run Time in 2014 San Francisco Marathon (High $takes)

    How long will it take UMBS to run/walk either the 1st or 2nd half-marathon portions of the 2014 San Francisco Marathon?

    The strategy is to walk as much as possible while running and jogging just enough, in short intervals, to clear an arbitrary, pre-defined mental hurdle, depending on the progress of training between now and then.

    Last year, UMBS mostly walked the 2nd half of the marathon, cruising only through downhill portions and despite cramping severely in the first 4 miles.

    One bet only.
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