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Not Morozov!

Going to anyone with direct rivals of his would defeat the point of leaving Mishin, wouldn't it?

I'd rather see him train outside of Russia, but we know politically that wouldn't work for him.
Leaving mishin is all about Pcs and gachinski said that he was meeting with dancers all for pcs. The coach he is with now has people who are now basically equal to him. It seems that he if he was Feeling neglected for sochi because plushenko was back now is the perfect time to actually stay because plushenko really and truly is retired and petrov is 15! It was just not working in the pcs area at all really ever as a senior which was ok as long as he hit all his jumps but now he's going to very weak jump coach. She's not even really seen as good in pcs! So the whole thing is weird. And he has to keep all jumps.