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    Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Sotnikova `I'm not worried about the competition'

    Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Sotnikova `I'm not worried about the competition' for
    `You just have to let go and enjoy your skating' said the European silver medalist commenting her skate in the GP in Paris. The competition was a special one for her : for the first time in years she was able to pull a clean LP, which marked: when Sotnikova does not make mistakes competing with her is hard.

    Before leaving to Japan for the GPF Sotnikova was interviewed for

    EV: What prevents you from skating cleanly at the competitions like you do in the practices?
    AS: I can tell you what prevented a clean skate in the SP in Paris. In my first GP event I did all my elements and I really wanted to skate no worse. Probably I thought too much. But at least now I know I can pull a clean SP and LP. Now I just have to combine it.

    EV: Do you mind when things don't work?
    AS: I mind when people talk too much about it. My very own fans who write on the internet if Sotnikova can't land her jumps they'd better switch to someone else. It hurts and disappoints reading such things.

    EV: Being beaten by Pogorilaya in China - was it stressful?
    AS: Yes. After all I had a reason to expect to be ahead of her. My programmes are quite good and I'm more experienced. And here she is - coming to her first GP event and winning it. Of course I started beating myself for that skate. Naturally it's easier to skate when there are no expectations, like I was a while ago. Right now I sometimes think that I'm just 17, yet I feel as if I were 25 and spent my whole life in the seniors circle.

    EV: In Paris you had a chance not to make it to the GPF at all, like Carolina Kostner. Would you mind not going to Japan?
    AS: When I was skating I tried not to think about it. But yes, I would mind. I haven't made it to the GPF for 2 seasons and those 2 seasons I had a really good chance to make it. Watching the others skating in the GPF on my TV back home was painful. I wanted to be there so badly. So in that way this year is an improvement.

    EV: Are you worried about the competition for the Olympic team?
    AS: No, but I realize there are a lot of great skaters this season. I guess I should focus not on `will I make it, will I not' but on skating cleanly. Then the coaches will decide who goes where.

    EV: Is it easier to control yourself now than it was a couple of years ago?
    AS: Good question. When I first started competing seniors I always thought I have to show all I can do. I would get upset if things didn't work and it would be even worse. I still sometimes catch myself thinking of unrelated things instead of just skating.

    EV: You skating looks very mature. Do you feel immature though?
    AS: Not on the ice. Though on my daily life am not that mature.

    EV: What do you feel when you see skaters such as Elena Radionova?
    AS: I think I looked the same when I first started competing in seniors. Elena is a great girl, I love how she skates. She will be a serious competition.

    EV: You once said you dont' care much about the costumes. Yet your costumes this year, especially the LP sprang a lot of debates. What do you think about it?
    AS: I really don't care much what do I wear. When I was told the LP dress looks on the TV as if I were naked I decided to change it. It was darkened, so now I feel comfortable with it.

    EV: Does the music inspire any characters in your mind? Or is it just part of the programme like a jump or a step?
    AS: It does. It took me a while to figure the LP music and it bothered. I find it hard to put my feelings about the programme into the words, but by now I know exactly what am I trying to express.

    EV: Are you familiar with a feeling of running out of breath and having a `black hole'.
    AS: It sometimes happened at the beginning of the season. You understand there is a jump yet you lack the power and the air. But it doesn't happen often. When I was skating in Paris it was quite the opposite - after completing the LP I wanted to skate it again. I was sure I would do everything even better.

    EV: What are your expectations of the GPF?
    AS: I would love to show what I can and do it well

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    Thanks for the translation, TAHbKA.

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    Thanks for this article. I like Adelina's honesty.

    "My very own fans who write on the internet if Sotnikova can't land her jumps they'd better switch to someone else. It hurts and disappoints reading such things."
    It made me sad to read this- I hope that Adelina stops reading comments on the internet, people can be so hateful sometimes.

    Also great to know that she made some costume adjustments. The upper part of her LP dress was nice, but I guess it's tough to see what lighting can do to a more sheer dress on TV.

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