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    Lightbulb interesting issue

    stupsi, you provide an interesting issue. However, as for discussing clearly the REAL skating skills, we should watch the Ice dance skaters such like Davis & White or Virtue & Moir.
    In my opinion, the configuration of her "3-continuous turns" should be discussed as TES or Choreography / Composition issue. But I partly agree with you on the fact that she (or Wilson) almost always use the same kind of steps/movements or her "template". We want to watch more various elaborate performances even at the competitions.

    I know she is one of the good skaters, but I don't think her skating skill is worth gaining the score of "9.21" points much higher than Chan and Kostner's results, because in terms of the "flow and effortless glides", "clearness of deep edges", and "mastery of multi-directional skating", there is still much room for improvement in her performances. Sorry for the many of Yu-na fans, but it is only my personal thought from my personal experiences.

    Anyway, stupsi, I thank you very much for reminding me of my fundamental question for "skating skill" judging problems at the World Championship 2013.


    For the discussion between stupsi and me, I add some ”in-my-opinion” strength and weakness of Yu-na's skating skill:
    Strength: Speed before the first 3-3 jump, safe game tactics, powerfulness, big movements
    Weakness: In addition to the above mentioned weak points, low-speed turns during step sequences, mediocre edge works (I can't explain it, but ...she seem to turn mainly by using centrifugally-driven force of throwing her arms/legs rather than edge-controlling on ice.)
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