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    WSJ article: "Who's that fool in the parka trying to ice dance with JoJo Starbuck?"

    Ralph Gardner, Jr. of the Wall Street Journal writes about taking a lesson with JoJo Starbuck at Rockefeller Center rink in NYC:
    "One of the things I enjoy most about Rockefeller Center is you feel all of the energy of the city," she [Starbuck] added as we laced up our skates. "As a skating teacher, I'm always telling my students to look up. You have fabulous things to look up at."

    That was my main concern. I didn't mind looking up at the flags waving in the wind, or 30 Rock or the Christmas tree that's just been delivered but won't be lighted for a few more weeks. It was all the tourists pointing and probably asking each other, "Who's that fool in the parka trying to ice dance with JoJo Starbuck?"
    "Randy [Starkman (1960-April 16, 2012)] lived by the same motto as the rest of us. The Olympics isn’t every four years, it’s every single day. He just got it." --Canadian Olympic kayaker Adam van Koeverden

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    I liked the part where he compared skating "pairs" with JoJo as a crutch like his hockey stick

    I never took a lesson with JoJo but I recall skating at the old Sky Rink and being on the ice at the same time when JoJo was doing her stunning spread eagle - even on a crowded session everyone on the ice would stop - parting like the Red Sea - making sure she had enough room and looking on in amazement.

    She is one of the nicest people I have ever known - always greeting you with a genuine smile - whether she is meeting you for the first time, a casual acquaintance or an old friend.

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