I have about 19 old Russian fs pins mostly pairs and ladies. Some are participant pins, one for pairs is from Sapporo, some are merely souvenir s. 2 are some kind of officials pins...I think. Take them all or nothing..not dividing them up. They'll come wrapped in 2x4 ft Russian flag. You pay for the shipping box and shipping charges. US Dollars only please.

I have one 8x10 inch autographed photo of Alexei Yagudin at the NW Mutual competition...whenever that was. Same shipping and payment concept as above.

I have two 5x7 photos of Ilia Kulik-one is the white R&J costume at skate Canada, the other is the poet's shirt costume from liebstraum event unknown. Both photos by Stephan Potopnyk and explicitly state copyright reserve with all his contact info on the backs ...so if you want to use them for publicly you MUST get his permission. Same shipping and payment concept as above.

PM me with a phone number because we're communicating by text. It's too hard for me to email or exchange PMs on this dayum phone :-P

I'll give it about a week then everything gets tossed. I'm moving and just in a hurry. Thanks!