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If you're insured, report it to your Insurer. They'll back off tout de suite if they know they can be charged with fraudulent billing. Don't take their word that it is resolved-Insist on a letter discharging the debt. Even if they put in writing, report them.

A report is required when billing for an EKG. Call your insurance to see if they even billed for one, let alone submitted a report.
The funny thing is... I was pretty sure that the hospital system never had my insurance information to start with. I double checked with them after seeing your post and they confirmed that it was just marked as "self pay, no insurance".

The whole thing was just so bizarre, even the woman who finally took care of my case said she couldn't figure out why on earth I got charged for the reading of an EKG when I had clearly never been anywhere near the cardiology department.

Two different people (I got another call this afternoon from someone else in billing to tell me it was resolved) have now promised me a letter to put all of this in writing. Since the case was only resolved late Friday afternoon I'm not surprised it hasn't showed up yet but you betcha I'll be right back on them if it doesn't show up this week.

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Congrats for getting it resolved! I went to fill my first prescription from the local pharmacy and discovered that I can get a 90-day supply only for pills I take once a day, anything that's twice a day I have to get from the mail order. I was bummed because this particular pill is fragile and the mail-order has sometimes broken around 1/3 of the pills. I called personnel who said they'd complain to the mail order about poor packaging.
Sorry to hear you had to deal with that.

I went with Medco for a number of years and always had good service. They were also relatively easy to deal with from the doctor's office end of things when I worked as an MA. Walgreens, on the other hand