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    Should More Skaters Work with Choreographer from the Dance World

    Went to see one of my favorite modern ballet companies recently and was impressed, yet again, by how much better a lot of dance choreography is than skating choreography. There just seems to be much greater variety of music used (or a better ability to find new versions of old chestnuts and combine it with creative choreography so that it seems new) and a much better ability to see women as something other than "pwitty pwincesses." After sitting through a two-act modern ballet where the woman did not have a single dainty moment and instead were powerful, emotional, and amazing, all I wanted to do was hand Miki Ando to the choreographer and see what would happen. I know that some of the ice dancers have started to work with ballroom choreographers, and I think it would make the rest of skating much more interesting if more skaters worked with some of the young choreographers in ballet, modern, contemporary and jazz.

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    This is a catch 22 question for the simple reasons

    - Skaters skate to win in skating competitions.
    - Better choreographed programs do not necessarily win competitions (arguably should), COP friendly programs does.

    I keep thinking back to V&M's Carmen vs Morozov's successes. If COP changed its criteria to reward risk, difficulty, intricacy more (currently only covered in PCS within the +0.5 corridor which is not enough) and artistically endeavored programs then the type of skating program we see will be vastly different.

    In summary, if the objective is to have better choreographed programs, then yes skater should absolutely work also with the best choreographers from the all sort of dance fields. However with the technical proficiency demand by the COP system, the skater upped the risk considerable if they are to deliver the full choreography with the full emotional intention by these modern dance choreographers. Similarly, dance choreographers are unlikely to be COP knowledge enough to design a program that can be competitive unless you also bring in a COP Specialist, which adds to the budget that makes it an impractical and risky choice.
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