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    Simonenko's talks to Stolbova/Klimov `Had we not liked the switch we would go back'

    Simonenko's talks to Stolbova/Klimov `Had we not liked the switch we would go back' for
    Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov who medalled at the junior worlds and became bronze medalists in Europeans 2012 made a radical switch during the offseason leaving their long time coaches Ludmila and Nikolai Velikov n St. Petersburg and moving to Moscow to Nina Mozer's group, who works with the world champions Volosozhar/Trankov, the GPF silver medalist Bazarova/Larionov. The rsport journalist Andrei Simonenko talks about their life after the switch.

    AS: What is your current set of mind starting the season?
    Klimov: We're in high spirits. We mainly work on our elements and skate parts of the programmes. We haven't yet skated the whole programmes, but we do halves. The main goal right now is to perform the new elements, improve the old ones and only then run through the programmes. The mood is good because the elements become better every day. The progress shows. So we keep working.

    AS: As far as I understand you've been only training on the ice for 2 weeks. How does it feel?
    Klimov: For the last two weeks I've been training full force and doing the elements. Prior to that I wasn't doing the jumps but I was doing the other elements. I've been on the ice since July after the injury.

    AS: How different is your new SP from the previous ones?
    Stolbova: I think we became more mature and the programme is more mature.
    Klimov: But it's not too different. We skated a Spanish programme before - to a flamenco. So we are familiar with the style. It is more mature though. We show more mature relationship on the ice.

    AS: Is the programme ready for the test skates?
    Stolbova: So so. We still have to add a couple of elements, but it is ready otherwise
    Klimov: Right. The programme is ready sans a couple of elements.

    AS: What is it called?
    Stolbova: Tricky question
    Klimov: There are many parts, we'll come up with a name. We used to have `A Russian fantasy', an `Eastern fantasy'. Perhaps a `Spanish fantasy'.

    AS: It is known your worst element is a 3 split twist. Did you have time to work on it during the summer?
    Klimov: A hard question. We are re-learning it, working on a new technique. Vlad Zhovnirskii helps us with that. I think it changed a lot. Right now we perform a 2split twist, but we plan working on the 3 soon. I think there isn't much difference and the change shouldn't be too hard.

    AS: I.e. you began with the very basics?
    Stolbova: Right. From the very beginning.
    Klimov: From the preparing moves, throws, lifts - even without the turns. Only now we did a double split twist.

    AS: Your sbs jump during an open practice was, as usually, flawless. How in shape are you?
    Klimov: The shape is good, the technical part is almost ready. We have to polish the programme. That's what is not ready yet, only in parts.

    AS: What are your plans after the test skates in Sochi?
    Stolbova: The first competition will be a Federation Cup in Sochi. Then we'll go to Moscow for a couple of days and continue to Skate America.

    AS: Did you get used to life in the capital?
    Klimov: it's the first time we spent so much time there. Prior to that we came for a couple of days each time. We spent the whole summer in training camps. I'm neutral towards Moscow and I miss home.

    AS: Do you live near the ice rink.
    Stolbova: Yes, the rent which was rented for us is right across the rink. I just signed the rental agreement a couple of days ago.
    Klimov: Everything is very near by and convenient. The organization is great.

    AS: You are sharing the ice with Tatiana Volosozhar/Maksim Trankov. What are your relationship with them?
    Stolbova: Maksim helps us a lot, gives us advice on and off the ice, helps as much as he can.
    Klimov: He choreographed part of our steps seq. He helps us a lot.
    Stolbova: There are no misunderstandings. We do compete with each other deep down, but it's really quite comfortable. A sparring partnership.

    AS: Who works with you from the team?
    Klimov: Everyone. Mozer, Zhuvnirskii, Morozov. Mainly Mozer and Zhovnirskii, but everyone helps. Zhovnirskii is responsible for the elements, Mozer for everything. The others help when they see it's needed -they can approach and give an advice. The choreographer of our new programmes is Alla Kapranova.

    AS: Are you going to skate your old LP?
    Stolbova: No, we are going to change it, but we don't know yet to what. So we'll start the season with the old one. We must skate cleanly, so we can't show an unpolished programme. Perhaps we'll have a new programme towards the 2nd GP event, perhaps later.

    AS: Can you share the ideas?
    Klimov: No, there is nothing to share yet. We don't know anything yet.

    AS: Fedor, what was your injury?
    Klimov: I just sprang the foot. Not even on the ice. Just between two training camps. It was a shame. It took a while to recover. The doctors said it was a fast recovery, but it seemed like ages to me.
    Stolbova: Yeah, it lasted forever.

    AS: One of your training camps was in the USA. Did you like it?
    Stolbova: We went dancing on Broadway. We met the new general strength coach - Vitali Moskalenko.The choreographing of the programme lasted very long - sometimes till midnight. Oxana Grishuk worked with us. It was very unusual and we liked it.

    AS: What were the dances on Broadway like?
    Stolbova: We took 3 cars and the whole group went to New York. It is pretty much like you go to a fitness club to do yoga or pilates, so here you come to dance. There are different styles: latin, hip hop...

    AS: Did it help you?
    Stolbova: Well, it seems Fedor can do the hips and the arms moves in the SP...
    Klimov: it was an interesting experience. Freeing. I went to the latin dances. It is not quite what we do in the programme, but I liked it anyway

    AS: The last question. Sum up the coaching switch - are you satisfied?
    Stolbova: Of course we are. Otherwise we would go back
    Klimov: Very satisfied. We learned so many new things, the amount of specialists who worked with us during this short period of time was bigger than during our whole career. We gained a huge experience and there is so much more ahead of us.

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    Stolbova: Maksim helps us a lot, gives us advice on and off the ice, helps as much as he can.
    Poor kids, I bet they can hardly get away from him.

    I wish they had said more about working with Grishuk. I wouldn't mind if they kept their LP, as I liked it a lot and they have a lot of other changes going on.

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