Today, July the 2nd, is World Sports Journalists Day. And I'm using this as an opportunity to, first, thank and congratulate wonderful figure skating journalists who write for us (some of them hopefully will even read this ). And, second, to start here a discussion about what you think figure skating press is missing, what and how on your opinion should be improved. Do you prefer it more objective or more subjective? Should it be more "sports centered" or private lives and background stories are always part of any sportsman? What is more interesting and more important: instant results and mixed zone quotes, or summaries at the end of the competition, or some analytics, thoughts and parallels between different skaters and different events? Do you read any "offline" skating media? Do you think that its quality is usually higher while online there is too much of unprofessional "noise"?
Whatever... I kind of really wanted to catch the moment when it's still the 2nd of July, but maybe I will add more questions later.