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    Quote Originally Posted by Vash01 View Post
    Once again, the 6.0 system did not care about transitions.
    I was going to reply to this, but gkelly already said it better than I could, so I'll just quote that:

    Quote Originally Posted by gkelly View Post
    The rules at the time did not give explicit guidelines on how to consider transitions, which were often referred to as "in-betweens."

    But I think the oral tradition in the judging community did value skills demonstrated between the jumps and spins. Some judges cared more than others, or had different aspects of the in-between skating that they cared most about. It just wasn't codified and so was inconsistently applied.

    I do think Browning got a lot of credit for what he did throughout his programs aside from the elements.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Wheeler View Post
    I don't believe there was a limit on combinations done back then, but I could be wrong. The third 3T probably (should have) resulted in a 0.1 deduction, though.
    I believe you are correct about no limit on combinations then. I agree on the third 3T but I also think that the judges were fairly lax and/or inconsistent about applying the Zayak rule under 6.0. Some judges might have taken a deduction, others might have just not "counted" the third triple toe when tallying up Browning's jumps, still others might have given the benefit of the doubt that the first triple toe was a quad attempt (which is where the quad was supposed to go) and perhaps others might have just not even bothered taking it into account. I imagine there were similar types of decisions being made at 1995 Worlds when Eldredge did a third triple axel at the end of the program. I feel like under 6.0, the Zayak rule was there to keep skaters from planning programs that were full of the same jump over and over, but if it happened in the heat of the moment due to program changes on the fly, no one really cared too much about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie View Post
    The music is from the (Soviet) ballet the Flames of Paris, by Boris Asafiev

    ETA: Here's a clip of the music in the ballet with Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev:
    Thanks for posting, I'll make sure to add this to the music db. And btw, Ivan Vasiliev

    Does anyone know who was Viktor's choreographer?

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