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    Some posts (ncluding one of mine) seem to have unintentional spam popping up.

    I saw this first when I clicked onto the thread about that creative video short featuring Sasha Cohen: My ending of a sentance with the word 'camera' immediately followed by a period had mysteriously turned into a link to "Positions Wanted". Wondering if this was some fluke, I editd it to include a space between the last word and the period, which seemed to work. I saw a subsequent post by someone else with the same occurence: An otherwise innocuous word became a post for "Coupon Deal" or something. When I saw the same oddity come up 4 times in the thread about the Boston Marathon horror in separate posts by different people, I thought I'd inquire about it. I know that there are message boards where the prefix http:// automatically turns it into a link, but I had not done that in this case. One of those computor snafus? And is anyone else reporting this happenning?
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    This pops up every now and then.

    You either a) have a virus or (more likely) b) downloaded a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP).

    First run a full virus scan, just to be sure that you don't have a virus.

    If that's clean, you have to hunt down the PUP. A PUP is a program that rides in on other programs; it isn't a virus because you have (unwittingly) agreed to the download. Virus scans do not identify PUPs.

    It's hard to give instructions for removing it without knowing your browser, but here's a start:
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