Usova & Zhulin had alot of very narrow and difficult defeats in major events in their careers. Which was the worst and most dissapointing one for them. The 3 that seem to stand out are:

1991 Worlds- Led going into the FD, had four 1st place ordinals in the FD, and still won only bronze. Had the judge who gave the Duchensays a perfect 6.0 not given that they would have won.

1994 Europeans- Seemed to be guaranteed to win once they had beaten Torvill & Dean in the FD on a 5-4 split but ended up dropping to 3rd when Gritschuk & Platov who were too far back to have any chance to win overall, won the FD handily but also flipped the ordinals between U&Z and T&D in the FD.

1994 Olympics- Losing the gold to Gritschuk & Platov by one judge.

I included on the poll as well, although I dont really think it is a valid option:

1992 Worlds- They fell in the FD after taking 3 judges of Klimova & Ponomarenko in the OD. I dont think they were ever winning here though personally.