Why do Ito, Slutskaya, and Lynn not have more votes.

Lynn is the best artistic skater ever.

Ito is the best jumper ever. Kim closes close but not doing a quadruple toe, triple axel and even not doing the triple loop anymore it cant be her, even with her easy and incredible triple-triple combos of all kinds. Orser wanted her to start doing a quadruple toe and triple axel to establish herself the best lady jumper ever and that made her mad so she cruelly dumped him.

Slutskaya is the best overall technical skater ever considering jumps, jump combinations spins, footwork, spirals, moves in field, speed, edges, and stroking all combined. Kim comes closest but her spins and spirals are not as good as Slutskaya.

Those three should all have more votes.

So should Henie and Witt. Henie is the most decorated skater ever and Witt is the most decorated of modern times.