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    JapanSF announced the 2013/2014 Season Certified Athlete of Japan on the homepage

    In July 1st, Japan Skating Federation announced "Kyoka Sensh" or "Certified Athlete" in 2012/2013 season officially on the official homepage of JSF.
    According to it, there is not a change, except for a few change of the belonging club, from the member of the list which was released on April 19th.

    This is an article of the official homepage of JSF.
    Translated to English from Japanese.

    The list of “Kyouka Senshu” or “Certified Athlete” of Japan in 2013/2014 Season

    “Tokubetsu Kyouka Senshu” or “Special Certified Athlete”
    Yuzuru Hanyu (ANA)
    Daisuke Takahashi (Kansai University)
    Mura Takahito (Okayama Kokusai Skate Rink)
    Nobunari Oda (Kansai University)
    Takahiko Kozuka (Toyota Motor)
    Tatsuki Machida (Kansai University)

    Mao Asada (Chukyo University)
    Kanako Murakami (Chukyo University)
    Akiko Suzuki (Howa Sports Land)
    Satoko Miyahara (Kansai University High School)

    “Kyouka Senshu A” or “Certified Athlete A”
    Kento Nakamura (Rikkyo University)
    Akio Sasaki (Meiji University)
    Keiji Tanaka (Kurashiki Geijutsu Kagaku University)
    Ryuju Hino (Chukyo University)
    Shoma Uno (Chukyo University Chukyo High School)

    Yuki Nishino (Meiji University)
    Rika Hongo (Aichi Mizuho University Mizuho High School)
    Riona Kato (Kansai SC)
    Yura Matsuda (Howa SC)

    “Kyoka Senshu B” or “Certified Athlete B”
    Daisuke Murakami (Yoshindo)
    Sei Kawahara (Oki Gakuen)
    Taichi Honda (Kansai University High School)
    Yu Nakamura (Kansai University Hokuyo SC)
    Sota Yamamoto (Howa SC)
    Taichiro Yamakuma (Kobe FSC)
    Reo Ishizuka (Seibu Higashi Fushimi FSC)

    Risa Shoji (Komaba Gakuen High School)
    Haruka Imai (Musashino FSC)
    Rin Nitaya (Howa SC)
    Miyabi Oba (Chukyo University Chukyo High School)
    Wakaba Higuchi (Nihonbashi Jogakkan)
    Mai Mihara (Kobe Port Island FSC)
    Kaori Sakamoto (Kobe FSC)
    Yuka Kito (Seibu Higashi Fushimi FSC)

    “Tokubetsu Kyoka Senshu” or “Special Certified Athlete” of Ice Dance
    Cathy Reed (Kinoshita Club)
    Chris Reed (Kinoshita Club)

    “Kyoka Senshu A” or “Certified Athlete A” of Ice Dance
    Emi Hirai (Osaka SC)
    Marion De La Asuncion (Biwako FSC)

    “Kyoka Senshu B” or “Certified Athlete B” of Ice Dance
    Nana Sugiki (Meiji Jingu Gaien FSC)
    Taiyo Mizutani (Meiji University)

    Kyoka Senshu B” or “Certified Athlete B” of Pair
    Narumi Takahashi (Kinoshita Club)
    Ryuichi Kihara (Chukyo University)

    “Kyoka Team A” or “Certified Team A” of Synchronized Skating
    Jingu Ice Messengers Grace

    “Kyoka Team B” or “Certified Team B” of Synchronized Skating
    Tokyo Synchronized Skating Club

    The article
    The 2013/2014 season Certified Athlete of Japan.
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    Thanks, Akira Andrea!

    Copying over my post from April in the Japanese news thread:

    I've added Japan Nationals results (Senior, Junior, Novice) below and indicated the JGP age-eligible skaters below with *.

    “Tokubetsu Kyouka Senshu” or “Special Certified Athlete”
    *Satoko Miyahara J1 / S3 (will make her Senior GP debut this fall)

    “Kyouka Senshu A” or “Certified Athlete A”
    Kento Nakamura S6
    Akio Sasaki S8
    *Keiji Tanaka J3 / S7
    *Ryuju Hino J1 / S10
    *Shoma Uno J2 / S11
    Yuki Nishino S7
    *Rika Hongo J3 / S5
    *Riona Kato J2 / S6
    *Yura Matsuda J4 / S8

    “Kyoka Senshu B” or “Certified Athlete B”
    Daisuke Murakami (injured at NHK Trophy & missed Nationals)
    *Sei Kawahara J5 / S17
    *Taichi Honda J6 / S14
    *Shu Nakamura J8
    *Sota Yamamoto N1 / J4 (yet to make JGP debut)
    *Taichiro Yamakuma N2 / J7 (yet to make JGP debut)
    *Reo Ishizuka N3 / J-did not make Final (yet to make JGP debut)
    *Risa Shoji S12
    Haruka Imai S14
    *Rin Nitaya J5 / S10
    *Miyabi Oba J6 / S11
    *Wakaba Higuchi N2 / J7 (yet to make JGP debut)
    *Mai Mihara N3 / J8 (yet to make JGP debut)
    *Kaori Sakamoto N1 / J9 (yet to make JGP debut)
    *Yuka Kito N4 / J15 (yet to make JGP debut)

    Based on 2013 Junior Worlds results, Japan will receive 7 JGP slots for both their ladies and men (with a possibility for more if other countries ahead of them don't use their allotted slots).
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    I don't think the JSF is eager to obtain additional JGP spots (like USA). The case of last year's men is exceptional. If junior ladies had 14 spots, they might negotiate with the Philippines. But that would be unfair for ladies in this season. Judging from the fact that "B" ranked athletes are reduced many in number, they are not planning to send more than five.

    My speculation...

    Kato 2, Hongo 1 or 2, Matsuda 1
    2 or 3 from Mihara, Sakamoto, Oba

    Tanaka 2, Uno 2, Yamamoto 1
    2 from Kawahara, Nakamura, Honda
    Hino Sr.B

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    It was announced in July 1st that Yuzuru Hanyu (18) signed the contract that he belongs to ANA, "All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd"

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