He sent another email this morning and says he received the lamp and that it's "pretty cool." I'm really glad he got it - I wracked my brain for about 20 minutes trying to make sure I had formatted the shipping address correctly.

He went to the hospital on Tuesday and they removed 6.5 lbs of ascites fluid, which gave him a lot of relief. A while ago, I was reading a blog of a young mother (33) who eventually died of breast cancer, and getting that fluid removed was a huge part of her pain management. But it gets replaced so fast, and you have to be in a hospital to do it, and then you're in no shape to go to the hospital anymore and

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Some years ago I had read about a certain kind of tea (Essiac) that 'cures' pancreatic and other cancers.


May be it could help your coworker? It sounds like he has nothing to lose, so why not try this?
Normally I'm hesitant in offering an unproven cancer treatment to someone suffering from cancer (especially since we're both...cancer scientists... ), but you're right, there's nothing to lose. He says his former neighbor from the US is really fighting hard for him. The neighbor is also French and in the medical field, and has been pushing his case to every doctor he knows there, to get it mentioned in staff meetings so maybe there will be one clinical trial that could help. I'm glad he hasn't given up yet.