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A titillating excerpt:

"It seemed ages that they stared deeply in to each others eyes, before Sandra remembered what she needed to do. 'Gary, hand me a bowl," she whispered. 'I need to bake this cake.' 'Oh yes,' he purred, 'yes you do.' Gary handed her a bowl and the Betty Crocker funfetti delight box of cake mix. Without looking away, he handed her the necessary spatula and whisk. She couldn't help but think how amazingly erotic this simple act had become. Would he count how many times she whisked the cake before she poured in to the 8" cake pan? Her mind in a haze, she grabbed 2 eggs and some water. Suddenly her mind went blank. 'Oh,' she murmured, 'oh-'
'Oh don't worry,' Gary said. 'I didn't forget the oil.'
'Oh thank you,' Sandra sighed. 'But we're also going to need some paper towels. You have no idea where that frosting could end up.'"

We're gonna need a lot of whiskey for this.
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That book is about as exciting as a song I remember from the B52's.

"ummm! How about a Devil's Food cake!"

"How about a Pineapple Upside Down Cake!"

"You know, I read where it takes a long time to RISE!"

"oooh, yeah! Let's get this thing in the oven!"
I love you guys SO MUCH!!!