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    Quote Originally Posted by Morry Stillwell View Post
    I am not sure if we are dealing with a time warp here or a troll. Finances for skating are very dear to my heart as the US and Canada lead the way for TV rights fees in the 90s. ABC paid US Figure Skating a total of 112 Million dollars for the rights to figure skating events. The ISU made like deals. Now for today. There are no more rights fees. It is cheaper to do a reality show and pay a winner one million dollars than a figure skating event. In fact it is cheaper to do a speed skating event than figure skating. There are less cameras and crew needed. The result is that in many countries , speed skating is better for the TV bottom line.

    Now lets look at support from the ISU. The ISU directly suports and conducts more Figure Skating events than it does Speed Skating.

    Financials do not support the belief that Figure Skating provides the income to conduct Speed Skating events.
    I was an official with speed skating and I understood this to be true.. in fact we were told that at the Olympics and several other high level events, televised speed skating and viewership actually made more money than figure skating.. ditto with the management it is quite separate - so don't blame speed skating
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    ^^ Well then, it shouldn't be any problem at all for these separate and individual sports to be completely ripped asunder, if they are managed so separately, eh? I don't think anyone is "blaming" speed skating for anything in any case.

    I repeat my previous post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Morry Stillwell View Post
    This answers the question in my last post, Time warp or Troll.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morry Stillwell View Post
    Look, I now realize that this is bash Cinquanta thread, so let me say, you win. It is useless to present information on how the organization really works.

    Mr. Stillwell, there are probably many fans who appreciate your sharing insider information as well as your personal viewpoints, so thanks. OTOH, what’s the point of calling posters trolls because they are asking questions which you are unable or unwilling to answer, or prefer were not asked?

    There’s surely a lot that many of us fans don’t know and don’t understand about what goes on behind-the-scenes in figure skating. Obviously, there are many complicated problems existing in figure skating which do not have easy answers. But with all due respect, I doubt anyone can seriously argue that the management of the ISU is squeaky clean, A-okay and above being criticized. If nothing else, Sonia Bianchetti Garbato’s revealing, if poorly written book, Cracked Ice, shed light on some of the problems regarding “management” of the ISU. Ms. Garbato told her story from her vantage point and apparently she was involved in a power struggle which she ultimately lost.

    That Mr. Cinquanta has remained at the top position of the ISU for so long shows that he wields a great deal of power. Under his tenure, the sport of figure skating has deteriorated. This is due to a number of factors, but IMO some of those factors seem to include a combination of ineptitude, poor judgment, lack of vision, lack of knowledge, and blind power-mongering. The bottom line: it’s past time for the sport of figure skating to be unshackled. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    This thread is not about "bashing" Cinquanta. Its about fans asking questions about a sport that we love. Its about fans trying to get Cinquanta's and the ISU's attention. But clearly neither fans nor skaters actually count in any of what goes on in terms of "ISU management" directives. What's useless is everyone keeping their heads buried in the sand and making excuses for the current state of affairs that exist in figure skating.

    BTW, this isn't a contest and there are NO WINNERS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Really View Post
    Several years ago, I went through the list of federations and the majority of them combined speedskating and figure skating into a single federation. I haven't checked in the past few years so I don't know if that dynamic has changed.

    What I *am* curious about is the claim made by several people that figure skating subsidizes speed skating. I really have no idea if that's true or not. Has anyone seen financial statements from the ISU to say one way or the other?
    I apologize for failing to read carefully back just a few posts to where Mr. Stillwell explained the current realities of financial support between the two arms of the ISU.
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