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    I'm not sure it works that way. I was born in another Commonwealth country. I can get my kids citizenship in that country provided I do it before they turn 19. My kids, however, cannot expedite citizenship in that country for their kids. That privilege is only granted to the person actually born there. I don't actually know how it works in Canada, but if it is a similar situation, then Piper's mother may be able to get expedited citizenship through her mother who was born here, but that may not speed up Piper's citizenship process.

    That said, I'm sure SC could pull some strings if needed.
    Children who have at least one Canadian parent are citizens of Canada. There is some paperwork to file, but citizenship is inherited.

    In Canada for a class of people who had to relinquish citizenship because it was not possible to have dual citizenship, there is a provision to reclaim that citizenship. Gilles' maternal grandmother relinquished Canadian citizenship during the defined period in order to become a US citizen.

    Once citizenship is granted to Gilles' mother, Gilles can become a Canadian citizen through her mother. It takes a while for all the processing to occur -- the last time I looked normal processing for Canadian citizenship was 19 months; I don't know if this is on a separate path.

    Because Gilles and Poirier train in Canada, Gilles also would be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency under the entrepreneurial class under the self-employed category for world-class athletes and take the same course towards citizenship that Weaver did, but that would take years without being expedited like Weaver's was. Since she is/will be eligible for citizenship through her mother, once her mother's is granted, that was the most direct route, since it skips the permanent residency part, which takes at least a year to process, and she may not have to have three physical years of residency before she can apply for Canadian citizenship.

    ETA: At least that was the plan when there was a newspaper article published about it.
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