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    Disappointment for Aussie ice dancers O'Brien/Merriman has its benefits

    Thanks to for re-tweeting this article link:
    19 Olympic ice dance places will be decided in London, Ontario this week, but the only avenue to Sochi for [Danielle] O’Brien and [Greg] Merriman now will be the Olympic Qualification competition in Germany in September for one of the remaining five spots.
    Speaking from Detroit, Danielle O’Brien said they had already moved on.
    “We have broken down the Finnstep Short Dance for the next season and doing a lot of exercises in order to have every edge in the dance correct before they [the ISU] even release the key points.”

    “I must say it’s going pretty well and I’m surprised it’s moving so quickly. We can already skate a fairly good, full pattern,” Danielle said.
    The determined Olympic Winter Institute Of Australia scholarship holders moved to Detroit 18 months ago in their quest to represent Australia at the Olympics and see this setback as a flying start on the coming season.
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    Two-foot skating = BAD
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    The fact they aren't at Worlds shows how broken the minimum score system is.

    I hope they can prepare properly for the upcoming season and qualify easily at Nebelhorn.

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    Theres gonna be a lot of pretty decent dance teams left out of Sochi. There are only 24 spots available and the world field has grown too big. If, for example Worlds results follow the season best order so far, then:

    1. USA (3 spots)
    2. CAN (3 spots)
    3. FRA (2 spots)
    4. RUS (3 spots)
    5. RUS
    6. ITA (2 spots)
    7. USA
    8. USA
    9. CAN
    12.GBR (1 spot)
    13.GER (1 spot)
    14. AZE (1 spot)
    15. ITA
    16. FRA
    17. EST (1 spot)
    18. JPN (1 spot)
    19. UKR (1 spot)

    Thats already the 19 spots quota from Worlds. Meaning that all these olympic worthy teams will be battling out at Nebelhorn for only 5 spots:

    *Agafanova Ucar
    *Mysliveckova Brown
    *Hurtado Diaz
    *Testa Csolley
    *O'Brien Merriman
    *Huang Zheng
    *Nagornyuk Kovalenko
    *Telegina Japaridze
    *Nagy Fejes
    *Elsener Roost

    Lots of broken dreams as usual

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