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Thread: Smash: Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemis@BC View Post
    I think the biggest challenge will be in figuring out how to work Ivy back into "Bombshell" in a meaningful way. Her fit with "Liaisons" is really good now, but it will seem anticlimactic if "Bombshell" ends without her.

    I don't think it's that hard. Karen is becoming increasingly involved with Liasons to the point where she is enjoying it more then Bombshell. Derek, who almost single-handedly got her the role of Marilyn, isn't the director anymore...Tom is. And who is Tom's favorite person in the whole world? Ivy!

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    At this point, I'm enjoying Ivy and Jack in Liaisons more than any of the Bombshell/Marilyn/Hit List crew.

    But yes, it should be very easy to get Ivy back in the other blonde wig I just hope they can come up with some idiotic reason to have Jack and Grace in the same scene
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