Sasha brought much to the sport that is unique to her and should not be forgotten. But, her delicacy on the ice has morphed into something that suggests something more like weakness to me. It's not just about her lack of consistency. Her jump landings to me pretty much ruin the beauty she has on the ice. Her landings are weak and rarely are on a clean flowing edge. Sadly it sucks all the conviction out of her skating IMHO. I have had the same problem over the years with Mao. I also don't think she has the heart of a champion, so in an athletic discipline, I can't vote for her. (I'd pay to watch her show skate over any lady on the list, though!)

I think Mirai could have been it with her appealing combo of spirit and ability, but her star never continued to rise.

I have always been into Ashley and with her recent Nats win she gets my vote. Although she's a little more generic than the others I think she has the soul of a champion and is a real threat for world and olympic gold. She has it all...just needs to put it together when it counts.