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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesy View Post
    I admit this twist does sound kind of awful but I will give it a chance. The concept of Heroes vs Villains seemed kind of hokey when I first heard about it and it ended up being one of my favorite seasons.
    I would agree with this. It's really hard to predict whether a twist will or will not work (aside from the awful Redemption Island one) and it really depends on what the players do with it. I'd also add that while the casting choices for these seem somewhat odd, often the "huh?" casting choices end up making things really interesting. Parvati in Fans vs. Favorites was a good example, as I don't think she was much of a favorite in her first season, but she turned out to be kind of awesome her second time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erin View Post
    It's really hard to predict whether a twist will or will not work
    Not always.

    A case in point: Fiji. Mark Burnett, with his parochial English fascination with class and privilege wondered what would be the effect of giving one tribe adequate shelter, a bed, and food and subjecting the other to some of the roughest conditions any tribe has ever faced. Not surprisingly, the tribe that got food and sleep did better at challenges. Whoda thunk it?

    Oh, and Nicaragua taught us that people in their twenties are physically stronger than people in their forties and fifties, and if you have highly physical challenges, the younger people will win.

    I think the show has played itself out. Oh, well.
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