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    Waltz jump, half-flip, and half-lutz are also required on the USFS pre-preliminary freestyle test, and waltz jump is required again on the preliminary freestyle test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skittl1321 View Post
    I haven't found this to be the case. At 3 different rinks in 3 different states, all the coaches I've worked with have done waltz, half-flip, and half-lutz. We also do half-loop (which is a full rotation jump) and 'half of a loop' (which is a loop landed forward). I've even worked with a coach who encourages skaters to start by landing axels facing forward.

    USFS has waltz, half-flip, and half-lutz in their freeskate learn to skate curriculum:

    It would be silly to not teach these jumps, as you said- they are very useful in footwork, and except for the forward landed axel (I disagree with that practice) they are very good building blocks for the jumps.
    The objection to the half flip and half lutz as they were executed in the ISI curriculum was that they were not only one half revolution but landed on the the opposite foot from the one you picked in on. It was considered poor preparation for learning the flip and lutz where you are landing on the same foot that you take off on. Perhaps if they had been called something else they wouldn't have been as objectionable. Toe walleys were never mentioned and I don't see them in national or international competition.

    The rinks I skated at had ISI group lessons but skaters who went past ISI FS 6 switched to USFSA.

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