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    Quote Originally Posted by essence_of_soy View Post
    For some reason the Russian girls, Sotnikova, Lipnitskaia and Tuktamysheva and their programs, remind me less of free skating exhibitions in their construction and more like gymnastics floor routines. They seem to tumble from trick to trick at either end of the rink grabbing their legs to their heads, with not a great deal of connection to the music.
    Same here. Especially Lipnitskaya - she's all attack and flail. So far, I am not feeling Sotnikova at all as a senior. I didn't feel that way about her as a junior. She is neither fiery nor lyrical -- like she isn't sure what her style should be. She seems preoccupied with being perfect to the point that the errors throw her and she can't express herself. These programs don't help. It has to be hard for her seeing Tukt in her 2nd GPF and Lipnit in her 1st. Not nuts about Team Mishin choreography generally, but Tuktamysheva has a sparkle and a personality on the ice that makes her interesting to watch so she's my favorite of the 3.
    I think I will have a snack and take a nap before I eat and go to sleep.

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    I wish there was a skater like Hubert competing now...that hypothetical skater could probably do something mind-blowing with Xtina's vocal gymnastics caterwauling.

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