Han Suyin defiantly straddled two worlds decades before multiculturalism became fashionable.

Her strongly autobiographical bestseller about war, cultural identity and love between a half-Chinese physician and a British journalist in Hong Kong spawned the blockbuster 1955 Jennifer Jones-William Holden movie "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing." Its Oscar-winning theme song became a sentimental standard, and a popular television soap opera based on Han's story followed.
They showed the film tonight and while surfing the net, I found out she died . I love the movie; brings back so many pleasant memories of Hong Kong.

Her mother lost three children because European doctors could not be bothered with sick "half-caste" babies. "Eurasian," Han later recalled, was "a dirty word." Han later mused that her mother's disparagement of China led the rebellious daughter to favor her Chinese side.

RIP to a very interesting lady.