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    Dubreuil / Lauzon - how strong is their legacy?

    I'm interested in what people think about Dubreuil / Lauzon on FSU. During their period, people always gush about Denkova/Staviski and Delobel/Schoenfelder. They seem to be marked as victims of poor judging and/or politics, that prevented them from being more successful with titles, which I agree with.

    But what do people think about D/L compared to other similar-caliber teams during the time (the two D/S's, G/G, B/A)? I think they have some of the best lifts in the business, and while not necessarily undermarked, they seem to have relatively bad luck in that they were always put at the bottom of their pack of similar-level teams at Worlds from 03-05 (compared to D/S, C/S, B/A for example) and there never made a big move in the rankings until 2006. I loved their 2004 and 2005 ODs and FDs although I do acknowledge that their in-between transitions are probably easier than those of teams that ranked above them. I don't care much for their romantic drama LPs in 06 and 07 in comparison, although other people seem to think otherwise.

    They narrowly lost to Denkova/Staviski in 2006 and 2007 even though they won the LP in 2006. It seems the D/Ss get all the recognition while D/L are an afterthought here - although I do agree Denkova/Staviski were better. It was odd though that Bourne/Kraatz got their World title in 2003, but Dubreuil/Lauzon did not in 2007.

    What do people think about D/L compared to other teams of their era? Does anyone think they were undermarked in their early days from 2000-02 (as people say about D/S and D/S)?

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    They are in the worst spot ever!! Bourne and kraatz get all the victim of bad judging hype and press and were always the victims and then right after d/l retire v/m start to win like every single thing!!!

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