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    Maybe give him Jane Seymore. I can't imagine Jane agreeing to do what Florence and Cloris did.
    Please don't compare Florence Henderson with Cloris Leachman. Florence took the show very seriously. Corky played one routine for laughs and she didn't seem to like it that much. Most of her performances were quite serious.

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    Yes, but in neither case did Corky have a partner he could really do anything with. He's not in the shape he was in during his competitive prime, yeah, but he is still the best dancer on the show and the most experienced coach. Give him a YOUNG partner, see what happens.

    (Then again maybe he doesn't want to be a target. First time he ever did pro-am he came in thinking it was a cakewalk. Of course, knowing they finally had a crack at taking down Corky Ballas, every pro on the floor was gunning for him. My old teacher was in those heats and he recalls asking a very tired Corky 'Not as easy as you thought, is it?' Maybe he doesn't want to be in a one-up game with Mark, Derek, Val and the other 'kids'!)

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