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    Quote Originally Posted by pixie cut View Post
    Someone earlier in the thread asked if Emmitt had continued to dance. I don't know about recently, but for two or three years after he won DWTS he had an endorsement deal with Arthur Murray studios. He was doing some dancing.
    *snort* So THAT'S where some of their franchise fees go. (I'm not saying ALL AMs and FADS suck, as they're franchises so it really depends on what particular franchisee you go to, but...yeah. They're really, really good at creating emotionally-dependent students and charging LOTS of money.) Maybe Emmitt came in as a six-week wonder teacher....

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruisin View Post
    Loved John O'Hurley! Thought he should have won from the first show of that season. He is/was the epitome of debonaire!
    John O'Hurley "hooked" me on DWTS.

    He said (in interviews) that he was helped considerably by his close friend Patrick Swayze.
    His DWTS experience gave him the confidence to audition for jobs he'd never considered before (musicals) - taking his career in a completely different direction.

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