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I had high cortisol too (did the 8/16h cortisol blood test), and the doctor pinpointed me to the Wilson Syndrom anyway.

A lot of these so called diseases have the very same symptoms, which can mean anything.

High cortisol means you're constantly on alert mode, ready to run to save your life. Stress and lack of sleep are two of the things that can cause it.
I had high cortisol levels due to a condition called Cushing's Syndrome. My pituitary gland had a smallish tumor that caused my adrenal glands to produce too much. Symptoms included fatigue, rapid weight gain in certain areas, high blood pressure, etc. I had surgery to remove the tumor.

However, at this point my cortisol levels are too low, reflecting adrenal exhaustion because of years of over production.

The reason I mentioned the 24-hour urine test is that your cortisol levels typically change throughout the day.