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    Closing Ceremony

    Didn't see a thread for this already; someone can close this if I missed it.

    Looks like NBC heard the whines loud and clear because they're going to be streaming the Closing Ceremony live today online. Not that I'll be watching it on there anyway (BBC has superior streaming), but yeah. I guess even they couldn't ignore the fact that half the population was furious at missing the Opening Ceremony, the other half watched illegal streams online and only a small fraction was clueless enough to see the prime-time coverage and be "yay!"

    Looking forward to hopefully seeing my Fierce Five, er Four (Gabby went home already) at the ceremony tonight! Let's take a bet; on whether they wear them: medals or no medals?

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    Errr, this isn't starting for another seven hours. If you want to post about it use the Day 16 thread.

    A closing ceremony thread will be started by an Admin when the appropriate time comes.
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