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Wow, this combo is very impressive. I find the landing a bit heavy, I don't know how to explain it, because the landing edge is good.
Anyway, I think this combo is so much better than her 3Flutz/3Loop !
3flutz-3lo is worth a lot more points though! 4 more, if executed cleanly, which I guess it never is because of the flutz and then she usually struggles to land the loop cleanly but in any event, 3lz-3lo is "her" special super-difficult move while there are dozens of skaters out there who can do a 3t-3t. However, if you do 3t-3t well, we've seen it sometimes pays off in the end rather than going for a more difficult combo, especially if you have edge problems with one of your flip or lutz jumps. 3t-3t and her huge 3f could be a good SP layout for Adelina as she's trying to rework her lutz technique.