First of all...thank you very much quiqie, I really appreciated reading your translation !

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You are right (she also seemed to be tough while in Nice recently). And I find that very disturbing. Especially as the guy looks so ridicolous.
I also think it somewhat strange that she cannot dance - at least while singing, as as we can see in one of the videos linked above.
This is actually very interesting, because I had absolutely opposed feelings. Did you have some bad experience with Marina in Nice? Because I met her twice since she married Nikita and had their children and I was chocked how nice she was, very talkative and kind. She seemed to me much more happy and much more opened towards the fans... And it was a pleasant surprise to me when Gwendal confirmed my feelings in this video form Nice

and btw. I went to Nikita's concert when he had one in Marseille three years ago. I didn't plan to go, but it was one day after A/P's gala and I was still in town, so I told myself...why not? I was very very surprised and didn't regret my decision at all. He's really talented, I liked most of his songs very much. It's really he has such bad public image (partly because of him, partly because of journalists), because I think he's totally different in a real life. I really liked the way he was talking about Marina and and how he was taking care of their baby during the while show and then during the concert. I've rarely seen a father to have such a nice relation with his baby