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Thread: Girls (HBO)

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    Quote Originally Posted by loulou View Post
    It's pretty astonishing a country would feel entitled to get what they want in life, given you did everything you were supposed to do, and at the same time stepping into a hospital would feel to the same country like a commodity only those who can afford are entitled to.
    I assume the entitlement would extend to their parents health insurance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smiley0884 View Post

    I'm 26, and what I loved the most about this show is how it exposes just how entitled my generation is, without actually making it sympathetic. I like that Hannah has flaws.
    I don't think we were supposed to sympathise with Hannah when she screwed up her job interview. I think we were supposed to cringe. I wonder if people think, because Lena Dunham is so young, she's also entitled. I think she's sending it up, but maybe not, or maybe people don't realise she is?

    I have a lot of friends in NYC, and I live in Boston, so I can relate to how much of a struggle it is to make it on your own, in an expensive city, in your 20's as a post grad, in a crappy economy. It took me two years to find a job after graduation, but instead of living off Mommy and Daddy, I waitressed for those two years. I had a lot of friends that lived off their parents, and it annoyed me to no end how entitled some of them were. I actually like Hannah a lot, and like many of my friends, I think she just needs a little visit from the self awareness fairy.
    ITA. I didn't waitress but I'm still in a job that's way below what I studied for, still struggling to make ends meet, still looking at friends I graduated with 2.5 years ago living off their parents, not so much as waitressing, and it makes me angry.

    A few others got great jobs after a year or two of living off their parents, because they had the time and resources to put into job hunting and unpaid internships. That annoys me merely on the basis that I'm jealous

    Overall I think the series is pretty realistic, and I like that.
    One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

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    I'm glad people who are living in NYC and out of college and making their own way are posting.

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