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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetsparky View Post
    Queen Sofía visited the Spanish Olympic Team wearing the infamous Spanish olympic official clothes
    OK, it´s not the tracksuit but anyway that´s dedication and sense of duty!
    It works for her. She looks really great and regal.

    Actually yellow and red are very fashionable colours these past 3 years, the key is in the tone and shade. So the Spanish team had really missed out their chance to be the most fashionable wear at the games.

    If you follow fashion and design pantone colours, it make perfect sense Rachel and Carolina Kostner chose yellow for their costume these past 2 years. Their mistake were failing to relate the costume to their program in design and execution in an integrated format.

    Red or more precisely Tangerine Tango is pantone colour of the year 2012 which is what Queen Sofia is wearing, totally different from the shade of red chosen for Spain. If you look at the London Olympic palettes, they are right on the cutting edge forcasted 7/8 years ahead of the trend including the honehysuckle pink you see everywhere at the gymnastic arena,. it was colour of the year 2011.

    In any case. Queen Sofia looks fantastic.
    I wonder if our Queen GB will make her own appearance tonight. I love to see her continue her Diamond Jublee white and silver theme, and Kate in something stunning I am sure.
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