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    Quote Originally Posted by Civic View Post
    Isn't there a wildlife reserve run by the National Park Service near Kiawah? That may be another outing for your vacation.
    Cape Romain, maybe? Most of that is accessible only by boat, so that may or may not be a factor there. I will say that there are plenty of places down there that will rent you a boat even if you've never taken one out before. We got a five minute lesson and "You will be fine. Just leave your driver's license here in case we need to identify you to the Coast Guard" the first time and have just been waved on the boat since.

    There are also several beautiful plantations in the area and the Audobon National Swamp (which is right next to a plantation). There's an aquarium in Charleston that is nice, and even little kids like taking the carriage tour, which I highly recommend if you go to Charleston--it's gossipy and fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by nursebetty View Post
    I forgot about spring breaks. Stay clear. And also bikers weeks the last 2 weeks of May. I would try for the end of April or beginning of May. Forgot about Kiawah, went once and loved it. Charleston was further away than I had hoped, but there was a marina close by that had some shops and restaurants. Maybe you could ask Tara about staying at her house. She made a very wise decision to buy on that island it is wonderful.
    And she has one of my three favorite houses on the whole island, too. I seethe with jealousy every time I see it (although there is another house I want more).

    Charleston is only 20 miles from Kaiwah, but it seems a lot longer because of the roads you have to take to get there. I do love the stretch of Main Road between Johns Island and Kiawah, though; those oak trees dripping with Spanish moss making a canopy over the road are always my sign that I'm back.

    Kiawah does not attract the spring break crowd. Neither does Seabrook. The kids hang out on Wild Dunes and Isle of Palms, which cater to singles.

    But I've been there in May and it really isn't very warm most years.
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    You're not going to get "hot" in April. And even May would be pushing it. Late May would be your best bet, with regard to the weather.

    Rent a beach house for a week and just chill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenny View Post
    Between Savannah and Tybee Island there's a great plantation site - a long alley leading into it, good interpretation displays, and the whole thing is just ruins, which could be fun for a boy to play around in while mom and dad enjoy the gardens and history.

    Wormsloe Historic Site
    Shoot. Wish I had known about that when we went.

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