I'm online as much as my kids, too, if not more so. I would expect most parents who post here regularly could say the same.

My son thought it was hypocritical and childish of the dad to get so angry at his daughter for posting about her parents online and retaliate by doing the same. He also thought the daughter was stupid for posting her initial rant on Facebook and said that if you want to rant online, you do it in a chat room. My daughter agreed and said Facebook is too public and permanent for venting.

So if the daughter thinks "I'd better not post this on Facebook," that might not mean that she's not going to post it on the internet at all. It depends on what she thinks when she thinks twice.

They thought it was funny that he shot the laptop, but ultimately stupid and wasteful and an adult version of a temper tantrum. Clearly they are my children . But if I did something like this, I don't think I would be earning the respect this guy clearly thinks is so important.