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    A spectacular 2A right into another 2A:

    This would be illegal today:

    It would be scored as a 3T+1Lo+3S+2T (she did a split jump before this sometimes)

    And two different jump series by the great G+G

    I much prefer these to the hideous 3T+3T sequences pairs are doing today

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkelly View Post
    I think they hopped the three turns, so they count as hops rather than turns on the ice.

    No, they don't get very far off the ice, but enough to make that distinction.

    That's my guess, anyway.
    Thanks gkelly, i see what you mean there is definitely a hop on the three turn, and equally a slight hop onto the right foot prior to the second 3Ts. Still it seems like a bit of a bend of the rules, so much so that you wonder why the skaters aren't allowed to include turns and steps.

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