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Spaz, I'm in the same general area you are (more or less), and I get nosebleeds now that I never used to get. It's been worse in the winter, so I've taken to using the sinus rinse, humidifier in my bedroom, etc, etc, etc. I'm fortunate in that mine aren't as severe as yours are, although getting them while I'm teaching a class is rather inconvenient!

I doubt the Polysporin will hurt you, and I hope you get into the specialist PDQ!
Hmmm interesting. That sucks though!!
When you say sinus rinse do you mean like with a neti pot?

It just says right on the Polysporin NOT to put it in the nose... but I've been trying it anyway. :p

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Also, have they told you if the bleed is coming from higher up/back of your nose or more towards the front. The ones higher up/back can be dangerous and should be looked at closely. Good luck, I hope you find the reason soon so it can be prevented.
My doctor couldn't see anything... and I'm fairly sure it's bleeding from far back. Because usually it tends to go down my throat first. I seem to have all the symptoms of a "posterior nose bleed" anyway.

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Call the ENT back. They may not understand that the nosebleed is preventing you from working. (In their defense, it's not the first thing that would pop into my mind, either.) If that still doesn't work, call your primary doctor and explain that you cannot work, cannot wait for the April appointment, and need an alternate referral.
I told them this. It's also frustrating that none of them seem to care at ALL! My doctor barely lets me get a word in because he's always in such a hurry to send me back out the door (even 3 minutes in to my scheduled 20 min appt). But yeah... both the ENT and my doctor know this. I still think I'm going to ask him to refer me somewhere else though.