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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight1 View Post
    I remember many years ago, only my aunt had the ability to help my husband and I to get a consolidated loan but it just took her a phone call to our bank branch and she was able to maneuvor it so we could get our loan without her cosigning (I have no idea how she did it).
    She might have done it the same way my friend did it for her granddaughter. She had co-signed a loan for a new car for her granddaughter. Granddaughter could not or did not manage money will, and when her granddaughter could not make the car payments, my friend made payments with the understanding that she would be repaid. Of course didn't happen that way and her granddaughter owed her months of car payments.
    My friend finally got the bank to refinance the loan in her granddaughter's name only, but my friend had to "back" the collateral with a CD that she had, first collateral being the car and my friend's back-up in place since her granddaughter has no credit. Granddaughter is not aware of the back collateral and has for the current time making payments.

    Back to OP question. Families suck and lending money to family sucks even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by numbers123 View Post
    ...Back to OP question. Families suck and lending money to family sucks even more.
    Civic's Rule #1: Never loan money that you can't afford to do without to family members.

    Civic's Rule #2: Never rent property to relatives if you need the rent payments to cover the mortgage, maintenance, or property taxes.

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