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Debbie, I wasn't implying competitive skaters aren't respectful, quite the opposite in fact. Competitive skaters are so respectful of one another that they go so far as to be extra aware of who has a competition coming up and give that person right of way, even though they don't technically have to. They're extremely good at being able to balance practicing and looking out for other people. Newbies and adults on the other hand are sometimes unaware of who's who and don't know to give that person right of way, not because of disrespect but because they simply aren't accustomed to the flow of the session. Or because the session is going too fast and they aren't able to keep up.

I'm simply disagreeing with the advice of "just go out and skate, forget what the other skaters think." I think it's very important to pay close attention to what is happening on the session and how the other skaters are reacting to you. It's also very important to note if there is a bit of a pecking order, if you will, established so you know if there's someone people are trying to give extra room. If skaters keep giving you the stinkeye, that's a sign that you are probably disrupting the traffic in some way. It's a mistake to just ignore them and continue doing what you're doing, in fact it's dangerous. You should instead try to analyze the situation and figure out if there's a reason why they're doing it beyond just assuming they're snotty. Honestly, no one cares if you're 5 or 50 as long as you don't disrupt the session. People are simply too focused on their practice to single someone out to be nasty to.