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    Quote Originally Posted by rfisher View Post
    Or luck.
    I don't think so, Signora Adrsta Calvinista....

    As good old sayings go...

    - The harder one works, the better one's luck.

    - Any fool can have bad or good luck. A smart man knows how to handle it.

    - Care and diligence bring luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefcake View Post
    One could argue that this last episode was one of the ones where the Sucksters would have a point. It was very physical, and definitely to the advantage of two male athletes in the prime-of-life. A season full of these would give the boy-boy combos a huge advantage, ala the franchise's first four male-dominated seasons.

    OTOH, Ma & Pa handled those muscle challenges like a mall stroll, so ... er, I'm right back to :HA: those overreacting Sucksters and other bemoaning Internet wuzrobbers.
    Can you imagine how awful the would have been if someone had actually used the U-turn properly and forced someone to do BOTH of those tasks? Having to do 2 physical tasks as well as running to the Pit Stop would have probably tired out even Ma & Pa.

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    So, who is your pick to win it all?

    The Boarders are my pick, as they back up their obvious physical advantage with great attention to detail -- starting with reading the clue correctly and completing the tasks as requested.

    Of course, the boys don't control nature nor nature's cab drivers and other creatures, nor man-made machines.

    My 2nd choice is unsurprisingly Cindy & Ernie. With three eliminations left, anyone could make the final leg. I'd love to see Ma & Pa in the F3.

    Unless the Invisibles are truly this horribly boring, then perhaps the editors will begin featuring them all the way to the finale? OTOH, if they are truly incredibly boring, then perhaps the editors have been saving their show by barely showing the couple ... in that case, they are probably about the 5th most likely team to win. Lawrence & Zac seem like the least likely to be in the finale, but I guess we'll stay tuned to find out.

    Marcus & Amani's luck has to change sometime - perhaps swing wildly into their favor? Right?

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