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    Quote Originally Posted by kwanfan1818 View Post
    I find her behind-the-scenes comments fascinating, because they show her way of approaching a problem, breaking it down, and working it through. At one point, she gets ripped for her walk, which Maks was trying to get her to learn with the proper technique and style. She said something to the effect that it's three seconds of a routine, and she's not going to spend limited time for three seconds out of two minutes. Of course, she's not expert enough to know which three seconds are more critical than others.
    Sadly, in rumba, that's the walks. Even pros drill them.

    I thought Chynna Phillips had the talent to go much farther. Without a huge fan base though, Maks' commentary sounds like figure skating fans vs. those who watch skating once every four years: Chynna's mistake was so obvious to the casual fans who are oblivious to other dancers' more constant mistakes and weaknesses. Casual fans don't care about technique any more than casual fans care about the lutz vs. the flutz or underrotations or about transitions. They just know and care that skater X fell and skater Y didn't.
    While I think Chaz should have gone before her (like the week prior), in this case I think Chynna just failed too completely. I don't think anyone (shy of, say, Master P, who was trying to be bad) has ever imploded quite so totally as she did last week. She froze and basically didn't dance 2/3 of the routine. Everyone else except Chaz was technically better and Chaz at least made it all the way through the performance without stopping. The only real hope she had once everyone else didn't fall apart was that she'd get pity votes to keep her in, but apparently after the prior week she looked nervous and this last week she just broke down people decided to go for a mercy-kill instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oreo View Post
    I like Maks even more now, and he brings up a good point about the producers calling the shots and twisting things around. It's like over on American Idol, the judges' controversies always come off as so fake; it's all producer scripted. The only reason I don't mute the sound when the judges are talking on DWTS is I enjoy Tom Bergeron's repartee. Maybe that's scripted too.
    Maybe, but whoever writes his script is WAY better than whoever scripts the others!
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    from facebook:

    Next Monday, October 24th, Kristin Chenoweth will be performing The Sound Of Music live on Dancing With The Stars! Don't forget to set your DVR.
    I feel like I'm in a dream. But it can't be a dream because there are no boy dancers!

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