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The powers that be (at least the US powers that be) pushed this coloration and hair cut on Rachael, so I doubt she will change it. They should have kept their collective mouths shut imo, as she looked fine the way she was. Maybe judging the judges competence by their hair and make-up ought to be part of the process. Quite a few of them could use some help and a drastic makeover. The nerve of it.
You sound like her grandpa which is slightly disturbing because I don't think you are.

If the colour and 'do that she was sporting at Champs Camp were pushed onto her by the judges, they didn't give her very good advice IMO. Her skating itself looks sloppy enough, and her hair will just add to it much like it did last season.

Besides, I highly doubt TPTB "pushed" Rachael into doing anything - they probably suggested that she change hairdos to improve her look on the ice and she agreed with them hence the new cut. What Rachael has to understand is that she's got fundamental issues with her skating that no amount of hairstyling is going to fix.