Over at Pam's House Blend has a report from someone who was there:


The sad thing is that none of this rant was a joke. His entire demeanor changed during that portion of the night. He was truly filled with some hate towards us. As far as I could see 10 to 15 people walked out. I had to fight myself to stay seated, but I knew if I got up... he won. He wanted to piss people off and get a rise. I didn't let him win by chasing me off, he surely didn't get any applause or laughter from me after that point - mainly because he was no longer funny to me. I wasn't holding back, it just wasn't funny. I won't even get started on his rant about how women should be home cooking him a ****ing meal and not becoming CEOs or him talking about ****ing the moms of retards.

Once again, I can take a joke. I find all sorts of things that are inappropriate funny. Life is too serious to not laugh and enjoy some humor. I now no longer enjoy Tracy Morgan's humor. It's sad that I now have to take some inventory of my love of "30 Rock".
It sums up my thoughts as well as Morgan was clearly saying his anti-gay rhetoric not in the same way as he was doing the rest of his routine.

Also, I hate it when people use the Freedom of Speech argument. Of course, Tracy Morgan has the right to say whatever he wants if so chooses to. Hell, if people want to pay to see him because they truly think talking about gays in such a horrible way is funny and actually agree with it, then he has found his audience. However, people also have a right to respond to him and take him to task for it. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of criticism, scrutiny, and repercussions.