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Another exhibition I really loved was Michelle's Pocahontas program. Again, Lori at her best. It's such a great edit of the music and every nuance of the music is choreographed. I love the ending too; Michelle stops on a dime! (ETA: Watching this program again, I just don't understand the criticism I sometimes hear people saying about Michelle being slow. She always appeared to have good speed to me and she's flying in this program!)

So many amazing programs and moments...what a gift she was.
I love that Pocahontas program too!
It's a shame though that they didn't keep the quick section of the finale. (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwv_FuFnW54)
Would have been great to see a footwork choreographed to that part of Menken's brilliant score.

Anyway I agree, Michelle was a gift