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    Quote Originally Posted by let`s talk View Post

    - In fact there is (a law which prevents from re-selling/selling tickets).
    You just don't know. Selling any goods and services without registration and/or special permit is a crime under the Criminal Code of the Russian federation, the one that has nothing to do with the Soviets.
    - What an asset the country lost in your face.
    - I just see how you are dealing in Khodynka and setting prices based on the customer's jewelry and outfit.
    Oh, where do I begin…… .

    In Russia “re-sale permit/license” is not required for (out of a long list):
    - personal belongings (a set of tickets can be viewed as such) from private hands into private hands.
    - Tickets/tokens for public and private wheeled transport, internet-cards, pre-paid plastic telephone cards, tickets to theater, sports and other entertainment events, and exhibitions.

    In Russia a license/re-sale permit is required for most product offered in “retail sales” – в розничной торговле.

    But a “ticket” or an “action of selling a ticket” is not considered “розничная торговля” (not a “retail sale”) – because the “subject of sale” (предмет продажи) is not the ticket it self but the Event. Certain events do require a license to organize. But the “paper aka ticket” does not.

    “License/Permit” is required to print or issue tickets, because tickets are considered ЗПП - защищенная печатная продукция (an item printed on protected paper stock) – given that “the ticket” is also used for accounting purposes and paper used can be considered “БСО” – Бланк Строгой Отчетности – protected/unique/controlled paper stock.

    Russian Legal Code has decriminalized “speculation activities” quite a while ago. (Speculation – meaning buying low selling high, buying by legally allowed methods). It is not illegal to stand in line 10 times to buy 10 tickets… .

    As far as “Russia lost me as an asset”….. It (Russia) has not lost me…. …. it (Russia) gained me right back on Nov. 2001, me and all the JVs (CП) that came with me… .

    As far as “dress and jewelry” – I don’t judge girls by dress and jewelry – I judge girls HOW they got their “dress and jewelry”. bye bye mein lieber herr……

    Quote Originally Posted by Asli View Post
    Buying tickets and reselling for five times the price to people who have waited in the queue but haven't been able to buy tickets is not illegal, but it isn't a legitimate service either. It doesn't add any value, it doesn't make life easier for anyone, quite the contrary. So while it is inevitable, it is not as laudable an example of entrepreneurship as you make it sound.
    That’s a moral judgment. I was addressing the legality of such activity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinami Amori View Post
    re-sale permit/license
    License and registration are two different papers. While license is mandatory for the activities established by law, registration is mandatory for any legal entity, including sole businesses. Guess why- to get a taxation number and share their profits with the State. Everything that is beyond that is either a crime or an administrative offence, depends on the damage. A little funny to see how you are defending those shapochka-guys with guns.
    personal belongings (a set of tickets can be viewed as such)
    yeah, like your passport.
    Russian Legal Code
    What's that? And is there such a thing as Illegal Code? There is no law with the title "Russian Legal Code." Maybe the one that is in your head in fact decriminalized some stuff. But the Criminal Code of Russia, as well as the Code of Administartive Offences, together with the Civil Code, etc. are all fine and well.

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    ]Ah, pardon. I was under the wrong impression
    Looks like it's true for the number of things you're trying to write about.

    Otherwise you would know that the Worlds' participants gala will be held in St-Petersburg on May 2.
    Yep, very random participants aka Russian team + several foreigners based in Russia. I don't get how you can compare these two events

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    Well, this thread is over 1000 posts and has run its course in so many different ways so I'm closing it down. Any more threads about Moscow Worlds should be started in the Worlds forum in the Kiss & Cry Section.
    To think that fun is simple fun, while earnest things are earnest, proves all too plain that neither one thou truthfully discernest.

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