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    GLAAD Awards, featuring Ricky Martin, Tina Fey and ... Rev. Al Sharpton(?!)


    Article w/Fey and Andy Cohen funnery

    Tender moments at last Saturday's GLAAD Awards, with top honoree Ricky Martin thanking his partner, and per usual some funny moments by fellow honoree Tina Fey. The rest was the usual, you know, with the people you're used to seeing at GLBT events.

    People like the Reverend Al Sharpton. Seriously, Sharpton was there to present a GLAAD honor to Russell Simmons, and the Rev sounded genuine and true. Wonders.

    So how would Fey break the big news [that she was gay, if she were gay]? "Halftime at the Super Bowl!" she exclaimed. Her second choice? Planting her photo, captioned "I'm gay!" in the Oscars' "In Memoriam" segment.

    Fey also told the audience how '30 Rock' was working toward creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness on network TV. "Liz Lemon's bisexual shoes, Jenna Maroney's heterosexual transvestite boyfriend -- and," in this week's episode, "Jack Donaghy buys a struggling cable network called Twinks!"
    I love that 30 Rock/Fey were honored for their 'Klaus & Greta" episode, the one where a drunken Liz outs her younger cousin over Christmas dinner, then later tries to keep said cousin from the perils of big city gay life ... and also helps create a ruse (by fake dating Jenna) for James Franco, who fears being outed. Gay rumors, ala Franco in real-life? No, rumors that he was in love with a Japanese sleeping pillow (which he was, turns out). Excellent episode which to its credit treats the gay storyline just like any other ... open for satire and liable to make the audience laugh themselves silly.
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    Unlike a lot of prominent members of the African-American theocracy, Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson have spoken out in support of LGBT rights. I still think they are both opportunists and shakedown artists, but I can't say that they are homophobes.

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