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    I think you're too ambitious unless you have a fairly significant space to plant. You really need to research the size of the plants and the space requirements. You can underplant some things and do seasonal planting, but some of the plants in your list take up quite a bit of space. Speaking from experience, the number one mistake of novice gardners is to fail to consider how big that little plant will grow to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelskates View Post
    Hmmm, I'm thinking of speaking to one of the locals grocers to see if I can meet with one of the local growers! The soil isn't great, but I know things can grow and that's why I'm trying to plan and get a lot of info early. We had snow again this weekend, so I know it's not time to plant yet

    rj - what does "tubers" mean?
    Normally - Root Tuber is an enlarged section of a plant that will give out buds for a new plant.

    You should be able to grow most of your choices later in the year -- April or May. I grew some tomatoes in a raised bed behind our factory in Dalian. It is colder there than in your area. Best to plant where they will get full sun.
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