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    Quote Originally Posted by CantALoop View Post
    I think one thing that could boost Jeremy is to get his spins back so that they work towards closing the gap on the other guys rather than further distancing him by losing small points here and there.

    He's capable of level 4 spins with the right layouts, but he's hemorrhaging levels and GoE on his spins this season.
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    He's hemorrhaging base value throughout his program.

    His base value was 61 at US Nats, less than 15 skaters at Europeans, including Zoltan Kelemun of Roumania (18th at Euros), and less that 9 others at US Nationals, including Jason Brown (62.86) who does not have either a 3A or a 4T.

    In fact, his base value for spins and step sequences was lower than both Ryan Bradley's (US Nationals) and Kevin van der Perren's (Europeans), both known for being inferior in spins and steps.

    Granted, even though he started .3 down from Ryan & Kevin's base values, he did get over 1 point more than they did for spins and steps. Still, he just can't keep giving away that many points.

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